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Image via Happy Friday! How happy are you that it's nearly the weekend? It's been a pretty busy week for me so I'm so grate...

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Happy Friday! How happy are you that it's nearly the weekend? It's been a pretty busy week for me so I'm so grateful the next two days will be spent focusing solely on...me!

-Highlight of this week: Being chosen as Lucky Magazine's Cute Outfit of the Day on Tuesday! This was the second time (first time was for Wink), and I think I had heart palpitations for half an hour after I found out.Check it out here! (This also earned me the "Editor's Favorite" badge, which you can see to the right on my blog.)
-Duh moment of the week: On Wednesday I brought my camera to work so that Lauren and I could take outfit photos during our lunch break, and then I accidentally left my camera at work. This is why there was no outfit post yesterday. I was kicking myself! And that wasn't the only day I'd forgotten things - I swear my memory is just getting worse all the time. Maybe it's time to start popping the gingko-biloba?
-On Tuesday, Lauren and I went to a Popsugar Fitness event in Soho, which included a 30-minute workout by Anna Kaiser of AKT In Motion. It was the most intense 30 minutes of my life, I swear. Granted, I'm not in tip-top shape by any means since I've mostly only been doing low-impact exercise like ballroom dancing and yoga, but still. My entire body was sore for 2 days after.

This weekend:
-I'm excited it's finally decently warm on a weekend, and I'm hoping it'll be warm enough to hang out on the rooftop!
-I really do intend on spring cleaning my closet - I didn't get around to it last weekend since I was just so tired from all my activities on Saturday. Plus, I just joined Poshmark to make it easy to sell off the things I don't wear anymore (or haven't worn at all), so it's even more of an incentive to just do it! Have you used Poshmark? Or Threadflip? I'd love to hear about your experience if you have, or if you have another recommendation!
-My last ballroom class is tomorrow, sadly! But I really do intend to keep up with it, at least for the social dancing.

What are you up to this weekend, or how was your week?

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  1. Blueberries also help with memory, sis!

  2. AH that Lucky mag feature is amazing, congrats! It was an amazing outfit :)

    xo, Ainslee


  3. congrats jess!! that's awesome, you look lovely =) hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. woohoo!! Congrats! =D Have a great weekend!

  5. AH! So cool that you were featured by Lucky Mag! Loving that skirt, by the way. I'm deciding it's finally warm enough here in Chicago, too. Warm enough for long runs outdoors, patio afternoon cocktails (a ladylike way of saying day drinking) and walks during golden hour. Ahhh, spring time!

    Coming to you from The Glossy Life and happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to following along!


  6. Congrats on the lucky feature - I loved that skirt! Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. Lady, you have been so busy with such fun activities lol, Jeal! Congrats on your Lucky look of the day :)

  8. Oh, I have been wandering about the Anna Keiser studio! She used to work with Tracy Anderson but she seems much more into athletic workouts and HIIT, isn't she?
    Congrats on getting picked by Lucky!

  9. Wooohooo!!! big congrats on being on the face of Lucky! I just popped over to their website, love you in that floral skirt, and may i add, the weather looked sooo sunny and amazers!!!!:D The editor's favorite badge on your side bar of your blog is so cute!

    Wow, you did ballroom dancing before?!?! you''ve got quite a lot of talent;) Not sure if i am mistaken but did you say you used to do ballet before, too??? If i'm wrong, pleaseee excuse moi! lol

    Gosh, i'm the same, i plan to spring clean every weekend but Friday and Saturday late nights always make me dead tired by Sunday, lol.

    By the way, thanks for your tips regarding my post about my writer's block, lol...i'm still figuring it out but just did my April recap post. The monthly recap posts are the easiest afterall, haha

    We got public holiday tomorrorow for labor day, hence, no work, sooo EXCITED!!!!



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