Jess grew up all over - born in San Francisco, she lived there until she was 7, and then moved to Hong Kong with her family. She returned to California for boarding school, and later completed her law degree in England.

After college, she moved back to Hong Kong and worked at a couple magazines as an editor. After a couple years there, she made her way over to New York City and only recently (fall 2013) returned to the Bay Area.

She is currently is in marketing full time, as well as a freelance personal stylist (www.stylingbyjess.com), and in her free time enjoys snapping photos, doing Project Life, reading, exploring museums, drawing, collecting recipes, organizing things, shopping, and exploring new bars and restaurants.

The Blog:
Jess has been blogging on and off since 2006, and created The Jess Journals as a place to document her love of style and fashion, adventures in the kitchen, travels and other goings-on in her life.

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