Sunday at the MoMA

I hadn't been to the MoMA in YEARS, even though I'd been meaning to join for over a year now (I hope that as a member I will be ac...

I hadn't been to the MoMA in YEARS, even though I'd been meaning to join for over a year now (I hope that as a member I will be actively partaking in activities/exhibitions more often), so I finally joined on Sunday even though my friend Candice got us in with her corporate tickets.

We first went to the Cindy Sherman exhibit, after deciding we'd work our way from the top floor down. I thought the concept was interesting, but wasn't really my taste. Once we headed down to the 5th floor, Candice and I both breathed a sigh of relief as we took in the art - "It's just so soothing", is what she said! (Which is very true. Especially compared to the Cindy Sherman exhibit.)

I've been to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and that really is one of the most impressive museums I've ever been to, especially considering it's devoted solely to one artist. I've really admired his work ever since, and it's just a pleasure to see any of his work. Above is Olive Trees.

 These two Monets are absolutely stunning in real life - I could have spent hours just looking at the intricate mix of color. I've always appreciated Impressionism, but I think these two paintings made me fall in love with it that much more - the photos honestly don't even do them justice!!

  By Umberto Boccioni - also completely stunning in real life, and this photo also doesn't do it justice! This one is about a soccer player - see that calf in the middle of the painting? It's about capturing movement and the vibrancy of athleticism...not that I realized any of that if I hadn't read the plaque. :)

 Marc Chagall, probably the most romantic man ever, and also one of my favorite painters in general. I love that a lot of his paintings are about love and how it feels to be in love - he loved his wife so much! So romantic.

  By Marcel Duchamp - the colors are gorgeous in this! And I love crispness of the edges in each shape, though I could not tell you what this painting is about. (Didn't read the plaque, obviously. Either that, or it was called "Untitled #457"...)

And, again, my new summertime favorite, Picasso's Seated Bather. I feel like my eyes and my brain just go "Ahhhhh" when I look at this! I think it might actually be fun to replicate this on my own, and on a much smaller scale, since I definitely cannot afford to buy it anytime soon, even if it was for sale!

If I were a designer of any sort, I would be at the MoMA probably every week - there is just so much inspiration everywhere! 

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  1. love Picasso's Seated Bather. saw the MoMA exhibition when it came to Perth in the summer- amazing :) thanks for this post


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