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Top Image via Glitter Guide 1.  Foundation  // 2.  Concealer  // 3.  Clinique Mascara  // 4.  Clarins Mascara  // 5.  Bronzer & Blu...

Top Image via Glitter Guide

1. Foundation // 2. Concealer // 3. Clinique Mascara // 4. Clarins Mascara // 5. Bronzer & Blush Duo

I looooove makeup. (Partly why I work for a cosmetics company!) However, on a daily basis, I can never be bothered to put on eyeshadow or eyeliner anymore, especially since I'd rather sleep in for an extra 10 minutes than put eye makeup on. What I can't live without, however, is my mascara, foundation, concealer, and blush - the essentials!

The Routine: 
  1. First I pat on concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and any other red spots. This is the best concealer I've found so far, since it doesn't tend to settle into any lines, and is thick enough that it covers but not so thick that it looks scary! 
  2. Then, I pump a tiny bit of foundation onto the back of my hand and use my fingers to apply it on my cheeks, forehead and nose, making sure to blend with the concealer. Over a year ago I was on a foundation hunt, and this is seriously the best one I've ever used. It feels light (unfortunately, all the MAC ones were so thick you could TELL I was wearing foundation, which is definitely NOT a look I was going for), provides enough coverage but doesn't get too dry or too thick, and best of all - it evens everything out without it looking like you're wearing makeup!
  3. I put on mascara, then sweep the Double Fix over it to lock it in.
  4. Using an angled blush brush (I use this one), I sweep bronzer on my cheeks, along my hairline, down my nose, and under my jawline. (I once read that Kate Moss puts bronzer right under her jawline to define it - and who am I to doubt Kate Moss??)
  5. Using the same brush, I dust some blush over my cheeks.
The finished effect? Glowing, but natural - just the way I like it!

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