Style 101: How to Accessorize

For the second installment of Style 101 post, after discussing The Basics , I thought I'd cover the essentials of accessorizing with je...

For the second installment of Style 101 post, after discussing The Basics, I thought I'd cover the essentials of accessorizing with jewelry.

  1. With high, round, or boatneck necklines, you can afford to wear a big, statement necklace that is longer than your standard 16". This is especially true with plain t-shirts!
    Blue tee: J. Crew | Gold metal & rhinestone necklace: BaubleBar
  2. With v-neck shirts, I love to accent with a necklace that mimics the shape of the neckline.
    V-neck tee: J. Crew | Gold necklace: BaubleBar
  3. With a dress or top that has a lot of detail, I would avoid necklaces altogether. Anything on the neck would distract from the gorgeous embellishments and details that's in the clothing, so here I would opt for beautiful earrings to balance the detail on the shirt/dress and add something closer to your face. (How gorgeous would those earrings look with that dress? And especially with the model's hair like that?)
    Lace dress: Yoana Barashi | Earrings: Jules Smith | Necklace: Valentino
  4. Anytime your sleeves are rolled up or you're wearing a 3/4 sleeve, put something on your wrists! Don't be afraid to mix metals either, no matter what metal your watch is! (If you wear one.) Image (faux leather jacket): Free People | Bracelets: BaubleBar
  5. When to wear a statement ring vs daintier rings? I would say if your sleeves are long, or your wrists bare, feel free to wear a statement ring. However, keep your outfit simple by keeping the rest of your accessories smaller - one statement piece of jewelry per outfit is enough! If you're wearing statement earrings, a statement necklace, or a stack of bracelets/cuff, however, adorn your fingers with dainty rings if your heart desires it!
    Statement Ring: Saint Laurent | Stacking Rings: Gorjana
In general, wherever there's some bare skin is the perfect opportunity to add a piece of jewelry, and jewelry is the perfect accessory to add some sparkle, some edge, or some color to your outfit.

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  1. I love the jewelry you chose for this post! Great styling tips!

  2. Great guidelines to wearing jewelry! I love the mixed metal bracelets!

  3. Love these ideas. I always get stuck with choosing a necklace or chain for the dresses I am wearing and tend to not wear them so love these tips.

  4. I LOVE that lace dress - incredible. And the jacket too -great styling!

  5. I love this post. Bracelets are my new obsession and thanks to YOU I wear statement rings on my index finger now!

  6. Love these tips! i can totally relate to number 3 because i tell my girlfriends that as well,lol.

    And i will definitely keep tip number 4 and 5 in mind!!! Thx for sharing:D

    I got a lot of troubles when it comes to wearing clothes in the winter, like do you wear sweater or thin top inside or layer? Would be fab if you ever do a future style 101 post on that!!!! hehe:D



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