Style 101: The Bags

For today's Style 101 post, I bring you what I consider to be the five essential types of bags to have, enough to cover every occasion....

For today's Style 101 post, I bring you what I consider to be the five essential types of bags to have, enough to cover every occasion. (Technically, you only need one in each category...but it's so much more fun to have options!)
For work: 
I've said it before, but there are three essential components for a work bag: 1. It must be big enough to hold papers if necessary; 2. It should be in a neutral color so that it isn't too flashy and will go with pretty much every work outfit you wear; and 3. It should have the option to carry it on your shoulder in case it gets heavy during your commute (assuming you don't drive to work). Both of the bags I chose to feature have all of the above, and I know I was using my Emilie for work all the time.

For dressed up fun: 
Clutches are perfect for evening - all they have to hold are your credit cards, a little cash, your phone and keys, and they're so chic! They're perfect for weddings, drinks with the girls, or pretty much any evening event. Depending on your lifestyle, I'd recommend having a few in different colors, as they're also perfect to add a little pop of color to your outfit.

For weekends/the gym: 
These bags are great for short vacations like a weekend away, for the gym, and as a carry on when you travel. (I've been lusting after the Lo and Sons OMG bag for ages, but I currently use my Longchamp and love it because it's light and big enough to carry extra things on trips, run errands with, and still fits under the seat in front of me on an airplane.)

For travel day: 
Cross body bags are great for travel because they leave you hands-free, and these options are big enough to still carry a camera along with my daily essentials, perfect for walking around and exploring new places all day. (If you haven't noticed, I use my Mulberry Alexa all the time when I'm traveling because I can fit everything in it!)

For hands-free fun: 
This category isn't really essential, but I know I like to have a hands free option for nighttime as well - how better to hold a drink in one hand, and a date's hand with the other? 

What would you say are your essential types of bags?

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  1. this is such a fun post. I have to admit, of all things in my closet, I do invest in CERTAIN handbags. I don't say all since there are certainly some that don't seem as much of an investment piece for my lifestyle compared to others. Great tips! =)

  2. jess i'm loving your style 101 tips! these are great and i can totally attest to some of these bags and how amazing they are. i love that you mixed some high end and some affordable bags =) can't wait to see what comes next in this series!

  3. I love this series! I really need a new work bag but I've been so indecisive! The Alexander Wang bag is really great - I like that it's a little edgy but still a great neutral.

  4. I LOVE your compiled list of the essential bags, Jess! Although i gotta, say, i am such a super lazy person so i mostly use the same bag for work or weekends,haha. In this case, im using my longchamp like religiously!!! lol Having that said, having a big bag with a over the shoulder strap is totally essential for me! I hate putting it over my wrist cuz you know crazy and packed those MTR journeys can get, not to mention the weight of the bag!!!

    I totally agree on the clutches for night outs and having cross body bags for travels. I don't normally buy clutches to as i dont feel they're that useful but they're soo pretty! Lets just say i love to have many things in my bags so a clutch wouldn't like that i'm afraid,XD For travelling bag, i always have a strap on mine so you're spot on there!!! A gal needs 2 extra hands to do her browsing, shopping,site seeing, and taking pics all at the same time when roaming around a new city eh??!??!

    I've been lusting for a Rebecca Minkoff ever since i found out about this brand!!! Their styles are soo gorge!!!

    Great useful post!!!



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