Spring Beauty: Blue Eyes and Orange Lips

 One beauty trend I've been noticing (and loving) lately is blue eyeliner and orange lips - the color combination is so fresh and gor...

 One beauty trend I've been noticing (and loving) lately is blue eyeliner and orange lips - the color combination is so fresh and gorgeous, perfect for spring!

Hot Lips image via | Dramatic Eyes image via Women's Health

To recreate these looks, the products I'd suggest are:

Hot Lips:

Dramatic Eyes:

Also, a great eyeshadow I'd recommend for both of these looks is BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Elements:
Image via

 This palette has a blue to go over your eyeliner in the Dramatic Eyes look, plus the orangey color is great for a sheer wash of color over the lid in that same look (go lightly with that one though!). And, the lightest color, Air (top left corner), is perfect for your lids in the Hot Lips look, while the gray is perfect for right under the brow bone in the same look. (BTW, I have a couple of the BareMinerals eyeshadow palettes and the color payoff and quality are great!)

I actually recreated the Dramatic Eyes look this past weekend - it was fun! These looks are just so fresh, which is why I love them. Would you try these?

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  1. I would do both of these. Colored liner is such a great way to make your eyes AND outfit pop!

  2. Love both of these looks! I need to wear more blue around the eyes!

  3. I lovee the blue and the organy colors!!! There was a period where i used to wear blue eyeliner almost everyday, was back in the uni days, lol...should try this out again tho!

    You know, i've never tried Make up Forever because everytime i passe by their shop in sha tin, it gives a very for celebrity and studio kinda make up vibe, lol....maybe i should give it a chance;)Just wondering, have you tried Paul & Joe's make up before, and if so, any good? I've not tried so that's why i ask;)

    So you've never seen Jill stuart make up products in the states? Maybe its only for Asia now, XD

    Oh my sis flew to New York yesterday from London, sooo envious of her, lol
    And once again, i hope you're off to a chillaxed weekend no matter what you get up to=)

    p.s. did you use photo shop to put colors on those gorgeous model pics above??? Because i just clicked on the style link and they have no vibrant colors on,hehe...


  4. Totally agree! Love this trend as well! xo


Thank you so much for your comments! :)

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