Let's Talk About Hair, Baby

I'm not a person who likes to spend money on my hair - I generally get it cut twice a year, rarely colored it, and mostly left it on it...

I'm not a person who likes to spend money on my hair - I generally get it cut twice a year, rarely colored it, and mostly left it on its own to do its thing. (I rarely even blow dry it, unless I'm about to go to bed, or go out in the winter and it isn't dried yet.) That said, I do believe that the cut and color makes a huge difference, and there are currently only two people in the world that I trust with my mane!

For cuts:
Addison is seriously a miracle worker. I feel bad because Lauren and I both always book appointments with him one right after another when we get to San Francisco, and both of us have a LOT of hair. Lauren is a better case study than I am, as her hair honestly just has a life of its own. She'd wake up and the back of her head would look like a rats' nest. She got it straightened when we were in Hong Kong over Thanksgiving, but even that didn't help and it went back to being crazy, and stuck together, even though she'd shampoo and condition and put moisturizing serum in it every night.

One trip to Addison, and somehow he managed to get rid of all the damage and craziness, and it was completely smooth and...normal. Normal, except better! I don't think Lauren would let me post a photo of her hair in the "before" stage, so these "after" photos will have to do! 

We've known Addison pretty much our entire lives. Here is a photo of a photo of Addison cutting Lauren's hair when she was about four or five years old:
How adorable is this? This was back before Addison has his own salon, and when we still lived in San Francisco.

I just wish Addison was in New York, or that I lived in SF, just so he could cut our hair when we needed it!

Find Addison at:
2321 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 931-9513

You won't regret it!

For color:
Backstory on color first - I rarely dye my hair, I think I've dyed it four times my whole life. I've been really liking the whole ombre, balayage look though, so I wanted to try it out myself, even though I was insanely nervous about my hair turning orange or green or the color just ending up really unflattering for my skin tone. I am happy to report that I shouldn't have worried! I bought a Bloomspot deal for balayage/ombre with Rayna at Alibi 25 Salon here in NYC, and honestly, pretty much every day since whenever I catch a glimpse of my hair in the mirror, I think to myself how much I love it! 

The lesson here: when you wear something every day (like your hair), it's definitely worth investing in!

Find Rayna at:
11 W 25th Street, Ste 2
New York, NY 10010
(212) 924-7300

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  1. Your hair is looking amazing! I'm a little sad I'm neither in sf nor ny so I won't be able to try these guys out. I agree, hair is worth the investment since you totally wear it everyday lol great tips Jess!

    1. Aw thanks Steph! If you ever do plan a trip to NY or SF, book an appointment! haha That's what I do with Addison - right when I've booked a trip to SF, I make an appointment with him! So worth it.

  2. Both of yall have seriously gorgeous hair!!! I have a love/hate relationship with mine... love the way it looks when I take time to style it, hate taking the time to style it. I wish the drybar were more convenient!

    1. Thanks Elle! I swear if you get a good cut, it makes ALL the difference. Never realized that until Addison cut Lauren's hair this time!

  3. WOW, im kinda like you WHEN i had long hair, i hated goin to the hair salon and didnt spend much money on it, prob went once or twice a year XD i got short hair now so i need to cut it every 2-3 months to keep it shoulder length, arghh...

    It's soo cute how you been usin the same hair dresser guy after sooo many years. Your sis looks absolutely adorable in that pic!

    Love how you made your hair wavy in that last pic...you look gorge!!! i am terrible at doing that,lol..not that i've tried enough times to make it work,heehee


    1. Haha curling your hair just takes practice! And I had Rayna show me how when she curled mine after dyeing it. It's fun! :)

  4. I was looking at your newer posts thinking, "wow, her hair color is great!" Now I'm thinking I might have to book an appt. out there on my next trip to Napa....

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. My color was done in the city! Go to Rayna at Alibi 25 near the Flatiron - she's amaze!

      And next time you go to Napa book a cut with Addison in SF ;)


  5. Jess you are the canvas every creative hopes for. It was my pleasure to work on you -- Rayna


Thank you so much for your comments! :)

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