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Some highlights from my weekend: 1. I tried a new recipe, Lemon-Caper Salmon with Greek Yogurt - probably one of the easiest I've ...

Some highlights from my weekend:

1. I tried a new recipe, Lemon-Caper Salmon with Greek Yogurt - probably one of the easiest I've made in a while! The Recipe Review will go up Friday for this one. 
2. Brunch at Five Points - I've been wanting to return to Five Points for brunch ever since I went last time, and we finally went this weekend! My sister and I shared the fries, lemon ricotta pancakes, and sausage benedict, all of which was amazing. I highly recommend the pancakes if you ever go, and I'm not even a fan of sweets in general! They're the perfect texture and just so delicious.
3. A few of us went to the Big British Invite - it was so much fun! We got manis (I'm obsessed with mine, bottom right corner.), had champagne, mimosas, dumplings, cheese, (and I tried haggis for the first time...I'm kinda glad I didn't know what it was before I ate it, but it really just tasted like sausage to me.), and an "afternoon tea". Check out the Windsor Castle & Big Ben made entirely of chocolate and candy, photo 4! And gorgeous Liberty scarves, photo 5; fun wallpaper in the afternoon tea section, photo 6; and the cutout heart wall looking in to the mani stations, photo 7. 
4. Finally watched Skyfall last night - made a British day of it and all. It reminded me of a grown up Home Alone (those of you who've seen it - wouldn't you agree?) haha. 

All in all, I wish I could go visit England and see my friends there soon! Haven't been back since I graduated years ago, sadly. 

How was your weekend?? 

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  1. love this post! your nails look amazing!! sounds like a wonderful weekend, so sad it's monday again. hope you have a great week =)

  2. omg I haven't tried haggis (yet?). And I still need to see Skyfall. Weird since I've seen almost everything else haha

    1. Haha I rarely watch movies which is why watching one is noteworthy for me!

  3. Sounds like you had a superb weekend and gotta say, it seems quite productive. The brunch looks yummers, and lemon ricotta pancakes?! I've not heard of that before but i would love to try it cuz i love pancakes!!! Your mani is sooo pretty!!! that heart cut out wall in the mani station is wicked, sooo chic!!! hmmm....i am glad you didnt know what it was when u were eating the haggis, i have not tried it yet and not sure when i will, hahaha

    Those Liberty scarves are gorgeous! Did you buy any!?!?? Yeah, i gotta say, it felt like you were in London when i read this postm hahaha. I went last year in Sept and i miss it dearly:(

    And i have still yet to watch sky fall!!! I had no idea its similar to Home Alone though, lol



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