Do you have a best friend? I remember being back in elementary and middle school, wishing for a best friend, someone to understand me and j...

Do you have a best friend? I remember being back in elementary and middle school, wishing for a best friend, someone to understand me and just accept me for who I was, no questions asked, and enjoy my company just for that, without any of the girl drama. My wish finally came true my freshman year at college, when I met Crystal.

Crys is the kind of friend to laugh with (for no reason whatsoever), to make fun of, to go for drives in the middle of the night while pretending to be in an air band rocking out to Incubus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; the kind of friend who made me a "locker" when I practically moved into her dorm room, who I can trust with anything, and she is the one person outside of my family who supports me through everything, big or small. (I don't think we've ever even had a disagreement about anything.)

Although we haven't even lived in the same state since my freshman year, whenever we chat either online, through Facebook, texts, or on the phone, I still feel like I'm 18 years old, sitting up in her bed and chatting late into the night about poetry, family, our dreams, surfing, life, and of course, boys.

She's my family of choice, and it's because we continue to choose to be friends that I am eternally grateful.

(Excuse my cheesy first entry, but I know she would love it just for the cheese-factor!)

[Photo: Me and Crys at her wedding, Aug 2010]

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  1. Aww, saw this post in the "you might also like" how this is so beautifully written. I always wished for the same thing too and I'm so blessed to have you as a BFF. I loved that year at UMass, all our adventures and funny memories, staying up late chatting, you doing my chinese homework, rocking out, shopping trips or just lounging around still having the best time. . It still amazes me that we were only there together for about 9 months and have lived miles a miles apart since then. I love how we reconnected like no time had passed, love how you and Hung are such great friends, and how you love Cub so dearly like your own ☺ You are family to us and always will be forever and ever! ♥

    1. LOVE you!! And your family :) And yeah it's weird to think that we were only actually together for 9 months before years of a long distance friendship! haha (Meant every word I said, too!) xoxo

  2. Gosh, i couldn't help but get kinda emotional when i came across this post of yours randomly. I've got a BFF that i've known since grade 3 when i was still back in Denmark. We've kept in touch all these years via snail mail, emails, and all the ways of communicating via technology nowadays, lol, to even visiting each other in HK and London. She recently (well, 3 years ago) decided to move to HK for work experience and we've been insperable since then! hahaha...funny you should mention being cheesy cuz apparently im a cheese ball as she says, hahaha XD

    It's true with what you say. BFF are the ones who are there for you no matter what and dont judge. And what i really could relate to was the part about being feeling 18 again, cuz i feel that way too....especially when you've not met for years and when you do meet, you pick up from right where you left off and keep chatting the night away about the most random and or things....i'm gathering that is how it is for you??? lol

    Congrats on your BFF's wedding almost 3 years ago! Bless ya and may your friendship will Crystal keep blossoming:D Being totally honest here, really LOVE this post of yours,Jess:)

    Take care for now;)



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