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I've spent a lot of time thinking about what new clothing/shoes/etc I want for this change in season. At first, I really wanted the Rag...

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what new clothing/shoes/etc I want for this change in season. At first, I really wanted the Rag & Bone booties. But after thinking about it, I realized I didn't want to spend that much money on shoes I can only wear at night/on weekends. I work in an office and although it isn't a super "corporate" type office in terms of the dress code, I just don't think wearing super-cool-but-more-casual-than-not booties during the 9-to-5 are appropriate for me.

Image via J. Crew

So this got me thinking about what I really need in my closet. As you may have read before, I have a ton of sweaters, so I probably don't need any more of those. However, I do need more work pants & work-appropriate but comfortable shoes! The only comfortable but still appropriate pants I have is one pair of black Minnies, which probably isn't going to last me through the rest of fall. (Skirts are sometimes just too cold for the season!)

My point is: I'm trying to consciously spend money on clothes and shoes that I can wear to work, since that's where I spend 70% of my time. And while I'm shopping for work, I'm trying to shop smart by really thinking through my purchases and making sure that they fill a hole in my wardrobe, rather than buying something simply because I like it and want it.

So it doesn't look like I'll be buying Rag & Bone Harrow booties this season (sadly!), but it's perfect timing for the J. Crew 25% off sale! (25% off all orders/purchases over $150, online and in stores until Sunday.) I picked up navy & red Minnies, and am debating between 3 different pairs of black patent shoes (below) - all either flat, or low enough that they'll be comfortable enough to commute to work in AND wear all day long. (How I envy those who drive to work and therefore do not need to totter around on heels going up and down subway steps...!)

What do you prefer to spend your money on when it comes to your wardrobe?

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  1. Honestly, I'm such a fan of flats and recently, they've come out with so many great options. There is now way I could commute(walk)in heels period. I say go with a pair you can wear on the weekends too.

    1. I get what you mean but I'd rather save nicer flats for the work week, and wear boots/more casual shoes on weekends! I also rarely commute in heels - I tend to leave a pair at work to wear if I need them!

  2. i'm so on this train. In all honesty, I don't love to shop, so I have to be very intentional with my purchases as well. And I want things that I can wear to work, but also to play...which works as long as I'm not doing any clubbin :)

    I do need me some booties. And some great non-sticky/non-cotton t-shirts for layering.

    1. Ha, I love shopping a little too much! But I love your use of the word "intentional" in regards to purchases - describes what I'm trying to do perfectly! Good luck hunting for booties & layering shirts! :)


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