Happy Birthday Sis!

To my favorite sister : Happy Birthday! As we always say to each other, "You're SO lucky to have a sister like me!" A...

To my favorite sister: Happy Birthday!

As we always say to each other, "You're SO lucky to have a sister like me!" And it's true. You are. Just kidding - I'm also lucky to have a sister like you! I was so happy when you were born, and growing up with you was way too much fun, even though you always interrupted my reading with begging me to play with you! You are the reason I would one day like to have 2 daughters, so that they will be as blessed as I've been to have a sister. I love you even though you are obsessed with food (especially sweets, and menu-reading), nail polish, and constantly verbally updating me on your status for no reason at all. Thank you for being my photographer, my built-in best friend, for making me laugh all the time, for being "veerd" so I get to make fun of you, and for being you. I'm thrilled you moved to New York two years ago and that we live together, and I'm excited for us to continue having adventures and laugh our way through life - together. 

Lob you!

xoxo Your big sis.

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  1. Teared up while reading this! You're def my fav sister :)

  2. Awwww, adorable! Btw- received my Mark products from your giveaway! Love them and can't wait to try them :) Thanks so much! xo


    1. Oh great!! I was wondering if you'd received them yet! Glad you love them! :)

  3. Aww, happy birthday to your sister! Those photos are way too adorable! You are so lucky to have a sister you are so close too. I always wish I had a sis!

    xo Jenny


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