Cancun Weekend Roundup - Instagram Edition

Warning: this is a pretty picture heavy post! Sis is all beach ready, strutting down our hallway on the way to the pool the first a...

Warning: this is a pretty picture heavy post!

  1. Sis is all beach ready, strutting down our hallway on the way to the pool the first afternoon in Mexico!
  2. Me, happy with my first pina colada of the trip, finally! (I LOVE pina coladas, all the more so because I never drink them except when I'm on vacation, and that just makes it more special, doesn't it?)
  3. Reunited with our cousin Jenni! Love the solar flare behind my head.
  4. Drinks by the pool - love the colors!

  1. Guacamole at Habaneros at dinner our first night - they topped it with cheese! And it was on a plate!
  2. Chilaquiles for breakfast at the Tucun (next door to Habaneros) - also delish! The first time I tried chilaquiles was actually at a brunch place in the city - they're basically like super soggy nachos, minus all the cheese and smothered in green sauce. I had mine with over easy eggs while my sister had them with scrambled!
  3. Happy hour at the pool, of course...
  4. All set up with my Corona Lights & Mexican snacks by the pool!

1. Happy to be in water.
2. Breakfast at the hotel on our last morning
3. Thrilled to be where I am!
4. Ready for cocktails!

  1. Us with our jewelry from Market 28 - which was an experience in itself. We got cussed out by one shopkeeper who went all racist on us and then kept yelling as we left (because we simply didn't want to buy anything in his store - as if that's our fault!), but every other vendor was really nice. After that experience though, I have to confess that I was a little scared to even make eye contact or speak to any other vendors - it's so sad when one bad shopkeeper ruins the experience! I hope no one else encounters the same guy we did. Okay, rant over!
  2. Found these insanely ridiculous but cute heart-shaped Hello Kitty glasses so of course I had to try them on!
  3. You know you're on vacation when you start drinking at 10:30...(granny. haha)
  4. Sis took this shot of me on the beach!

Where was your last holiday? Tell me about it!

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! Going to cancun and a cruise is on my bucket list. Can't believe I haven't done this yet!!

    1. Definitely make it a priority, I never realized how gorgeous it would be since all I'd ever heard about Cancun was crazy college kids going on Spring Break! I'm definitely going back someday :)

  2. Goodness so jealous of your vacay photos and thos drinks by the pool looks so yummy!

    1. Oh they were!!! Missing them right now...haha And your vacay photos were gorgeous from earlier this summer!! haha My holiday just came a little later this year :)

  3. wow, looks like so much fun! You and your sis look alike!!!=D and omg loveeeeee those pastel nails along with the gorge jewelries!!!

    I never knew Corona came in can forms,lol and those nachos look yummers!!!



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