Singing The Rainy Day Blues

Image If only we all looked that graceful in the rain! I don't actually mind the rain too much, as long as I'm properly att...

If only we all looked that graceful in the rain!

I don't actually mind the rain too much, as long as I'm properly attired. I absolutely love it when I have no where to go and can stay in drinking something hot and watching my favorite movies or a Friday Night Lights marathon with my sister. 

When I don't like it so much is when I have to go to work, and cram into a subway with everyone else's wet clothes and umbrellas - yuck! One of the things that I dislike most is having my feet shoved into rainboots all day - especially when it doesn't rain - so that prompted me to hunt for other footwear for days where it isn't pouring, and that, combined with the (cold and) rainy weather we had yesterday in NYC, is what prompted this post!

1. A cute & cozy sweater to cuddle up in // 2. The requisite Hunter boots // 3. She Reigns - The Alex // 4. Marc Jacobs flats // 5. Marimekko umbrella // 6. Ali Ro anorak // 7. Hunter Regent Savoy boots // 8. Melissa leopard loafers // 9. Melissa flats

My top 3 from this collage are the Ali Ro anorak - I have a trench, but I would love a longer jacket with a hood!; the quilted Hunter boots - love the classic look on a practical boot!; and the leopard Melissa loafers for hot rainy summer days. 

What are your rainy day staples?

Hope the sun is shining where you are!

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  1. Hi luv! I adore that jumping shot, I have been trying to "perfect" a jump shot but they all comes out a little strange looking. Haha...I love what you picked out for the rain (we had rain yesterday in CA too) and that sweater and rain boots combo is perfect! :)

    1. I'm AWFUL at jumping shots - even just the normal fun ones you do with your friends! LoL I'm always the awkward one who's down when everyone's up or just didn't jump high enough, or something. haha!

      Thanks sweetie!!

  2. The sun has not been our friend here in the "sunshine state". my rainy day staples are rain boots! I just posted about my whale ones actually. But I'm thinking I need to add to my collection get the yellow Hunter boots. Love them!

    1. I love a bright color on a rainy day :) My Hunters are the glossy purple ones from last year, and I love the color they add! :) The yellow ones are so classic!

  3. Melissa flats! I LOVE MINE TO DEATH!!! Their sister brand, Mel, has some short rain boots I may get since Singapore is either sunny or rainy all year round :)


Thank you so much for your comments! :)

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