Let Your iPhone Do the Talking

From top left: Ocean's Glow //  Let's Run Away  //  Winter Stripe  //  Giraffe  //  Keep Calm  //  Surf How gorgeous are t...

From top left: Ocean's Glow // Let's Run Away // Winter Stripe // Giraffe // Keep Calm // Surf

How gorgeous are these iPhone cases? They're all from Society 6 (and available for 3G/3GS, and 4/4S models) which from what I can tell is a place where artists can sell their work as prints, on canvas, clothes, or iPhone cases, and stationery - all of the cases above are also available as prints, which is a nice option to have!

I particularly love the giraffe and the surf print, and they'd both look great on my white iPhone...;) If only I could justify having one for each day of the week! 

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  1. wow, i LOVE these! really can't decide which i love the most but maybe i am with you on the giraffe -- so cute!! xx

  2. i LOVE these. naturally, the giraffe is my absolute fav! And then the "let's run away" one because it appeals to my love for holidays and adventures in far off places. What a cool find! x P

  3. Those are fantastic! I'm especially in love with the first one, Ocean's Glow.

    <3 Jenny

  4. LOVE the giraffe one...now all I need is an iPhone! Still in droid mode.

  5. All of them are beautiful. I like all. Hope to have one of them for using.
    Mobile App Developer

  6. These covers are great.

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  7. society 6 has the best cases. love their artist colabs.

  8. Thanks Jess for this post! I designed the "Let's Run Away" iphone case! Glad you like it!

    Leah Flores

    1. Oh cool!! Thanks for commenting - I love that one! Almost wish I had 6 iPhones so I could order one of each case I featured. haha!

  9. Ooooo how did I miss this one! I love ocean's glow and surf (of course!)


Thank you so much for your comments! :)

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