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Image Summertime is the best time to be outside, enjoying the sun, the warmth, the humidity...oh wait. Heat & humidity is makeup&...

Summertime is the best time to be outside, enjoying the sun, the warmth, the humidity...oh wait. Heat & humidity is makeup's worst nightmare, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear any! Below are some personal recommendations and some recommendations I found from around the web to keep you looking fresh when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk...

You may recall that I use my Clarins Double Fix every day, and it's perfect for using the summer too since it won't allow the mascara you're already devoted to to smudge under your eyes whether you're just hot, or swimming, or frolicking in the sea. 

I haven't personally tried out Tarte's Amazonian Clay, but I love this color, and I've read awesome reviews on the staying power this blush has! 

I probably own about 4 of the Stila Smudge Sticks, and this one (in Moray) is a favorite color of mine - goldish green and different from regular eyeliner colors! Plus, contrary to its name, this eyeliner does NOT smudge.

If you've read my beauty essentials post, you know I use a Make Up For Ever concealer every day, but when I was researching melt-proof summer makeup, this Lancome concealer was recommended by both Self and Cosmo, and who am I to say it isn't good? Cosmo even claims that you can swim with this! I may have to try this one out myself...

While wandering around Sephora passing time last week, I nearly bought this Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow - I love how shimmery the colors are and how it's supposed to budge-proof. Pair it with a primer, and you've got a can't-lose eyecolor! (In case you're wondering, the only reason I didn't buy it is because I decided I simply have way too many eyeshadows to justify another one. Sadly!)

My absolute favorite mark. beauty product is Gloss Gorgeous - and it's one of Ashley Greene's favorites! This lip gloss is minty and goes on glossy, and eventually wears off to a stain - genius! My favorite color is Pop.

Do you have any summer makeup must-haves? 

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  1. I love trying out new beauty products so I may need to make a trip to Nordstrom for some of these!

  2. I never wore makeup during summer because of the heat and humidity which is a girls worst enemy! I'm going to try some of these items that you recommended. I will let you know how they work out for me and thanks!

    Love-And-Whimsy Blog

    1. Definitely keep me posted! Would love to hear how they worked out for you :)


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