Winter Wonderland

Sweater: J. Crew ( similar ) // Top: NSF // Belt: Zara ( similar ) // Jeans: J. Crew ( similar ) // Booties: Zara ( similar ) // B...

Sweater: J. Crew (similar) // Top: NSF // Belt: Zara (similar) // Jeans: J. Crew (similar) // Booties: Zara (similar) // Bag: Louis Vuitton

I wore this outfit to a friend's birthday party (obviously with a coat and scarf!) - the sleeveless silk top was perfect for layering with a cashmere cardigan to keep me warm without adding bulk, which is key for winter layering. By the time Lauren took the last shots, we had to go because she said my nose was getting red. Ah, the fun of being a style blogger!

Photos by Lauren

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  1. Okay, i was about to say, where's your coat?!lol. Absolutely adore those booties!

  2. Love the color of that top!!! Yes, i actually learned that from a friend who lived in Canada, wear a thin top and a warm cashmere cardigan and you're good to go! I used to do turtle necks or v neck sweaters, they were hideous, your leopard boots as well:) and yes, i am from HK;D It's quite cold over here too, was like 15-19 degrees celcius today!!!


    1. Haha 15-19 is not cold - don't talk to me about cold! :P

  3. Love the color of the top. I bet you were cold! =)

  4. The color of your top is so pretty and I LOVE your boots!

  5. Jess, YOU ARE SO CUTE!! That second photo is ridiculously pretty. Pinning!!


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