Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Here's a recap of mine in photos: -Hadn't been to Shake Shack in forever, so I sug...

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? 

Here's a recap of mine in photos:

-Hadn't been to Shake Shack in forever, so I suggested we meet there before going to The Met! It was as delicious as always, and I was quite indulgent and got a chocolate shake to go along with my meal...mmm.

Image via The Met (mine didn't quite capture how great the colors are!)

-Checked out the Matisse exhibit then the George Bellows one (but no photos were allowed), and wandered around the galleries for a bit picking up some color inspiration for future outfits - how gorgeous is this Georgia O'Keeffe painting? (It's called From the Faraway, Nearby, if you're wondering.) I'd also love a print of this to hang up - the colors are just that gorgeous!

-View from the steps of The Met - after we left the museum we took a stroll down Fifth Ave, playing with our cameras:

-I love the overhanging trees down the path bordering Central Park, but especially in summer when there are leaves!

-Central Park

-Up Fifth Avenue

-A winter tree

-Picked up this adorable book at The Strand's stand on 59th and 5th - obviously I'm never going to actually cut the paper dolls out, but the book is gorgeous and serves for great inspiration!

And, I cannot end this recap without mentioning that the 49ers are off to the championships!! Yay!

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Great photos! Cannot believe the niners. So excited for next week!

  2. Love your photos. I remember the first time my friend took me to the Shake Shack when I visited NYC. IT WAS AMAZING. haha...
    YAY to the 49ers!! Such a great weekend for football. Did you watch any of the other games?!

  3. This post makes me miss New York sooo much! I only went there once back in 2008!!! lol..time to revisit this lovely city:D I definitely wanna go to MOMA and the met, i didnt even go to any museums last time as unbelievable as it may seem. and those paper cut doll book is super cute! I used to love playing those paper cut dolls,lol

    I like the overhanging trees, i also remember seeing a lot of cherry blossom trees when i went during April - May...was so beautiful!



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