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I am happy to say I have another list of books to read - the worst is wanting to read something , but not knowing what. Here's my curr...

I am happy to say I have another list of books to read - the worst is wanting to read something, but not knowing what. Here's my current list:

1. The American Heiress - This has actually been on and off my reading list, but it was recently recommended to me again so it's back on! It's a novel set at the turn of the twentieth century about a wealthy American woman who marries someone in Europe with a title and no cash and everything that ensues thereafter. (I love a good historical fiction!)
2. The Romantics - I saw the movie recently, and although it wasn't the best, it did pique my interest. I read a review that said there's much more development of the characters and it's easier to understand their motivations in the novel, so I'm going to give it a try. (Josh Duhamel was yummy in the movie, fyi.)
3. Empress of Fashion - The story of Diana Vreeland! I love reading about inspiring women, especially inspiring women in fashion.
4. Understanding Exposure - I'm trying to make good on my resolution to learn how to use my camera, so this is step 1 towards educating myself on taking good pictures!
5. Gone Girl - I've heard so much about this that I have to read it too.

Have any of you read these? What did you think? What are you currently reading? Do share!

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  1. Ohhhhhh I LOVED Gone Girl! You won't want to put it down! x

  2. I recently read American Heiress on a flight home from somewhere. It was pretty good, but definitely not my favorite historical fiction novel.

  3. I am currently reading "Gone Girl". At first a really liked it, it was dark, jaded, sort of social commentary. Then I got to the second half, and it seemed to go from a dark social commentary to a bad made for TV movie. Also I guessed the big plot twist in advance so that was annoying. I am actually getting board with it and finding it difficult to get to the end but I will finish it. The language is great though-the style of the writing and things that come out of the characters mouths.

    Ali of:

  4. I totally know the feeling! I always want to start a new one but don't always have the one I want ready to go. I have heard a lot about Gone Girl but haven't picked up on it yet. Sometimes I get nervous about "hyped" books since expectations start to rise and often they end up being much higher than they should be. Happens all the time with movies too.


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