As much as I love living in NYC, it sure is nice to get away every once in a while! Quick recap of my July 4th weekend in D.C.: Friday ...

As much as I love living in NYC, it sure is nice to get away every once in a while! Quick recap of my July 4th weekend in D.C.:

Friday pm:
I picked up my sister and her friends in the city, where we proceeded to take an hour to get through the Lincoln Tunnel (why is it always such a nightmare to get in and out of the city via the Lincoln Tunnel?), and we drove straight to dinner at Bistrot du Coin, a really cute French bistro that looks tiny from the outside but has an enormous ceiling height inside - view from the top:

 We sat upstairs, and all had delicious food (steak frites for me - rib eye!) before crashing nearly as soon as we got back to my sister's friend's apartment.


We got up and went to brunch at Vinoteca, which had bottomless mimosas/bellinis/kir royales for $10, although I opted for a cappucino since I was still a little weary from the day before, and ordered a delectable eggs benedict on this thick, chewy toast instead of english muffins, that was covered in melted gruyere and then a poached egg and hollandaise on top. Yum. (For a full review, click here.)

Afterwards, we went sightseeing:

Good news is, we saw the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial all in one go - the bad news is, it was like 100 degrees and boiling, and I probably didn't appreciate everything for what it is since I was too busy feeling uncomfortable! We got refreshments at Starbucks, and then, fully rejuvenated, went to the Portrait Gallery, which was blessedly air conditioned! (I don't normally use words like "blessedly", but that's how grateful I was.) 

Every time I go to a museum, I always leave feeling like I should pick up art again and do something creative - I love it! Sadly, I don't make the time for it...but regardless, my favorite piece was this:

Electronic Superhighway, by Nam June Paik

The TVs in each state depict certain stereotypes and images representing them - for example, California's was flashing images of an aerobics class led by OJ Simpson, and several 0's and 1's flash across the screen representing binary code and the IT boom, among other images. So cool. 


We had brunch at Founding Farmers, which was as amazing as my sister promised! A good friend who lives in D.C. met me and we caught up over eggs benedict - I had the benedict arnold one, which was made with sausage instead of ham, and gravy instead of hollandaise. It was SO GOOD. (Sadly I didn't take a photo of it!)

Afterwards we walked around Georgetown, which was super cute, although it was both hot AND humid - it felt like Hong Kong in the summer, which I'm definitely not used to anymore! We just missed a thunderstorm by sitting it out at Leopold's Kafe, which served up lychee & rose sorbet, the most adorable little tea sandwiches, and plenty of cake for our group! 

We went shopping. 
It was delightful. 
(One thing to know about me is that I LOVE shopping. Especially in air conditioning.) 
That's all.

We drove home to this:

And that was that. 

[All images by my sister, except for the last one and the one of Electronic Superhighway, which were both taken by me with my super snazzy Blackberry Bold.]

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