San Francisco Recap

I love San Francisco. I think the biggest reason is that so many people I love are there, and it's always hard to leave them again! On ...

I love San Francisco. I think the biggest reason is that so many people I love are there, and it's always hard to leave them again! On the bright side, because we so rarely visit, we got to see pretty much everyone! Here's a quick recap of my trip in photos - forgive me if you've already seen these on Instagram!

Left-right, top-bottom:
1. Ready to depart JFK!
2. A mini bottle of rose for Valentine's Day at 10am NY time; 7am SF time - why not?
3. It's practically tradition now - the first thing we do when we leave the airport is go to In-N-Out!
4. The adorable set up at Jonathan Adler on Fillmore - I love those needlepoint pillows!
5. One of my favorite places in the world - Palace of Fine Arts. It's just so gorgeous!
6. Lilies & red roses for Valentine's Day!

More photos after the jump!

1. Happy to wake up in California!
2. How pretty is the view?
3. Wine Tasting at Frog's Leap - my faves were the Chardonnay (and I don't even like Chardonnay normally) and the Sauvignon Blanc.
4. Lauren satisfying her sweet tooth with gelato from Kollar Chocolates in Yountville.
5. After a two hour wait, finally got to sit down and get some food at Swan Oyster Depot! So delicious, but next time I'm waiting an hour, max!
6. Homemade wonton by my aunt & her parents - so good!

1. Pretty flowers at the Ralph Lauren store in Palo Alto.
2. Animal style fries at In-N-Out - this time with practically the entire family!
3. Cousins & my uncle holding the kids up!
4. Meeting baby Ethan - my other cousin's first kid. What a darling, he slept through all of us talking and laughing! (That's my littles cuz holding Ethan's feet.)
5. Snapping a quick pic at my old school!
6. The bonus of staying my with my uncle (who is in the food industry) - boxes of fresh, delicious pastries & muffins!

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  1. these photos are so fun! I love how fun your SF trip looks!! =D

  2. Awww.. pretty sf! Glad you had some great weather while you were here. Jammed packed weekends in sf are the best. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    1. Yeah I was definitely grateful for warmer temps! The weather was PERFECT while I was there! xo

  3. glad to see you visited In n out! and swans is soooooo good!

    1. Haha we went twice! And yes Swan Oyster is so good, but next time I'm only gonna wait in line for an hour. LOL

  4. looks like you did SF just right!! so happy you had fun!

  5. So jealous I LOVE SF!! All the food looks so delish and I love Frog's Leap!

    1. I love SF too! Miss it all the time! That was my first time at Frog's Leap and it was amazing!

  6. Looks like a fun filled trip!!! There is soo much food and family time involved, which i like!!! I keep hearing my friends in the states talk about In-N-Out, i really cant wait to try it if i ever go to the states:)Do they have In-N-Out in new york cuz i went there once but dont recall seeing it. Man, i miss gelato. I remember my first taste of a real good gelato was during my trip to Italy during my uni days. Which comes to the question, are the gelatos in Kollar Chocolates any good???:)and wine tasting at the Frog's leap sounds and looks fun!

    Baby Ethan and your little cuz are soo cute!!!!:) and omg...those muffins are to die for!!! Good to see you had such a nice time with the fam and friends:D and what, 2 hours wait for food?! i can NEVER do that,lol

    Love those roses at the RL store, roses always make me smile!!! And that Charlie Chaplin pillow at Jonathan Adler is so cute and artsy! They're needle point pillows?!?!? How fancy,hehe

    That's it, SF is definitely going down on my "to go visit" list!!!!

    Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend Jess:D


    1. haha you really do have to try In-n-Out! Get the Animal Style fries &'s so good! And no they don't have it in NYC which is why my sister and I make sure to get our fill when we're in SF!

      The gelato at Koller Chocolates was amazing - the texture was perfectly thick - it would stand up on its own in the cup when you pull out a spoonful - delish!

      As far as the 2 hour wait - I was just lucky I had coffee before we drove out to the city so I wasn't starving in line, otherwise I would have gone across the street to Walgreens and bought snacks while we waited (which my cousin did, lol)

      Definitely go visit SF at some point, you'll love it! :)


Thank you so much for your comments! :)

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