Style 101: Beat the Heat

If you're like me and trapped in a hot, sweltering summer where it's too hot to even really want to wear clothes, you need these 10...

If you're like me and trapped in a hot, sweltering summer where it's too hot to even really want to wear clothes, you need these 10 hot weather essentials to stay as cool as possible! 

  1. Lace bralettes:
    It may be a little TMI, but in this weather, who really wants to wear a bra? These lace bralettes are the perfect solution (assuming you're on the small side), plus they come in so many different colors, it's fun to let a little peek out on the side or top of a tank top! //
    Honeydew Emma Bralette
  2. Cotton tank tops:
    It's simply too hot to walk around outside wearing t-shirts, but it's not like you can walk around topless or in a bikini all the time. The solution? A light, airy cotton tank. This particular one from Old Navy comes in a million colors and won't stick to your skin (the worst feeling!). I also love the Everlane Ryan tanks, but they're relaunching next month (I can't wait!). Sign up for Everlane here. //
    Old Navy Keyhole Bubble Tank
  3. A silk sundress:
    Sundresses are the best in the summer - throw one on and you're out the door. In this case though, you want to pay attention to the material. Silk is the best for a light, breathable material and won't leave you as sticky as polyester will. (Plus, not to be gross, but silk dries super fast if you're sweating!) //
    Madewell Silk Cami Dress
  4. Silky shorts:
    Even just wearing a pair of denim shorts these days feels suffocating - air out with a pair of silky (or silk-like) bottoms. I'd wear them with a light, relaxed, airy tee or a cotton tank, with the just the front tucked in. //
    Forever21 Retro Print Dolphin Shorts
  5. Sandals:
    As much as I love my Havaianas, my feet get tired from walking around a lot in them. Sandals are the best to keep your feet strapped in without any extra effort, and are definitely less casual than flip flops. (Perfect for a weekend brunch date, for example!) //
    Madewell Sonny Sandal
  6. Sunglasses:
    This is pretty much a given, but I'm loving my Ray-Bans so much this year - they're so classic and I know I'll be wearing them for years to come. //
    Ray-Ban Folding Square Wayfarer
  7. A panama hat:
    Panama hats are so classic! I haven't for a second regretted purchasing mine last summer, and it's gotten tons of use. Plus it helps for extra UV protection, and the extra shade will also prevent you from squinting (even with sunglasses on), which means fewer wrinkles in the long run. //
    J. Crew Panama Hat
  8. Cotton jersey mini skirt:
    The best one I've found so far is the James Perse one, and I wear it all. the. time. It's good because it doesn't ride up the way some other stretchy mini skirts would. This is perfect to wear casually with flats or sandals, or dressed up for a night out! //
    James Perse Knit Mini
  9. Silk tank tops:
    I am so grateful for the silk tanks that I have - it's about the only type of top I can wear at the moment, and it's the perfect item to wear to still look dressy without overheating (as much as possible!) Wear it with the cotton jersey mini to stay cool while dressing up! //
    Madewell Silk Slip Cami
  10. A small crossbody bag:
    Who really wants to be lugging around a huge bag through this heat? Not me, that's who. I've resorted to using all my smaller cross body bags and clutches, but if I had to pick one, I'd choose a cross body, as it'll keep me hands-free! //
    Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac
What are you wearing lately to keep cool?

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  1. I love 3 (surprise, surprise!),5,8,9!! Love summer clothes.


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