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Dress: Parker | Clutch: H&M | Shoes: J. Crew (now at J. Crew Factory ) | Pave link bracelet: J. Crew Factory There are se...

Dress: Parker | Clutch: H&M | Shoes: J. Crew (now at J. Crew Factory) | Pave link bracelet: J. Crew Factory

There are several reasons why I love this dress:
1. It's made of silk, which means it's a definite must for summer.
2. The print! It's so fun and playful.
3. The ruffle along the hem of the skirt and up the bodice - that's a grown up ruffle if I've ever seen one!
4. The hi-low hem, combined with the ruffle, makes me feel like I need to break out into a flamenco or something. (Although obviously flamenco dresses don't really look like this.) The movement on this dress is beautiful!
5. It doesn't wrinkle that easily. Which, if you're traveling at all (this is the perfect dress for, say, a destination wedding) is crucial!

Paired with some nude shoes so that the attention stays on the dress, and curly hair to complement the ruffle completes the outfit!

On a different note, how gorgeous are the colors in these photos? Obviously they were taken by my very talented BFF Crys! We were at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens - a gorgeous setting for photos!

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  1. The high-low hem on this is so pretty and feminine. You look gorgeous!

  2. Dress is amazing!! See you soon!

  3. You're making me need a stop at the botanical gardens, stat! Also, feeling like the hem line with the ruffle will actually make this look last long beyond the straight edge high-low hem!

    eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

  4. this is so pretty. I love that you stated it's silk! What a great print too. Fab!

  5. I'm not a big fan of high-low hems usually but the ruffle detailing really makes this dress so pretty and I love the way it flows!

  6. Everything about these photos is beautiful!


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