Pretty Pumpkins

1. Color blocking pumpkins  // 2. Gilded & bedazzled pumpkins  // 3. Chevron Pumpkins  // 4. Pumpkin candleholder  // 5. Monogram pum...

Halloween is right around the corner - I think it really did just sneak up on me this year! My original costume idea is moot now simply because I don't have time to create it, since I'll probably get dressed up this Saturday. (Dressing up is so much fun when you get right into it...who says it's just for kids?) 

Anyway, like I mentioned in my fall post, one of the things I like best about this season is pumpkins! My lovely friend Ducs gave me pumpkin seeds that she roasted this past weekend at her carving party (while I was out biking in Central Park), and although I'm pretty intimidated about the idea of carving a pumpkin, this year it seems en vogue to paint (or bedazzle) your pumpkins. How beautiful are the ones above? Click on the links to find out how to make one yourself!

Will you be decorating a pumpkin this year? Or dressing up for Halloween?

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  1. Fabulous post! Love the embellished and chevron pumpkins! Pumpkin decor has come a loooong way :)

  2. I saw a few painted pumpkins on Pinterest and thought it was a fabulous idea! I LOVE these! I think I'll paint a similar one myself.

    xo Jenny


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