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Peplum top: J. Crew | Shorts: J. Crew | Clutch: H&M | Shoes: J. Crew (now at J. Crew Factory ) | Necklace: Chanel S...

Peplum top: J. Crew | Shorts: J. Crew | Clutch: H&M | Shoes: J. Crew (now at J. Crew Factory) | Necklace: Chanel

Sometimes there's no shame in dressing almost head-to-toe in the same brand/ with this outfit, where everything except my clutch and necklace are from J. Crew! And, tempting as it was to pair this pair of shorts with its matching top (such a huge trend this summer!) I opted to go more classic with an ivory peplum top. I love this top, because the material is stiff enough to hold its shape, which is so essential in a peplum! It's so sad seeing drooping peplums made out of some really soft cotton/jersey material - when I wear something with a deliberate shape to it, I want it to retain its shape!

Anyway, these are the last of the photos taken by Crys, sadly! Luckily she's coming to visit me in a couple weeks (her first time visiting since I moved here 5 years ago!!) and I can't wait! 

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  1. Might be my favorite outfit of yours EVER!!! Love it & the photos only make it better! so perfect <3

    xo Jackie
    Living After Midnite

  2. haha I have that issue with a lot of my clothes too. Love the floral shorts and how you styled it with a simple white peplum top!

  3. I'm going to ignore the J. Crew and just drool over the Chanel ok? Hehe but I love the rest of the look too :)


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